Kavanaugh and the Future of Funding Abortion: A Message from Our Board President

It’s no coincidence that the guy tapped by President Trump to demolish Roe v. Wade brings with him a history of sexual assault. The two issues both center on people’s–most often women’s–control over their own bodies. Sadly, that’s still a radical proposition in some (powerful) circles.

As I’ve thought about Justice Kavanaugh and the brave women who’ve spoken out against him, a question has dogged me: How will I answer when my children ask what I did to fight back? My answer will focus on the Jane Fund, on the time I spend raising money to fund abortion. It doesn’t feel like enough, but it’s something.

I write this with my one-month-old daughter asleep on my chest, which is tight with anxiety for her future. I wouldn’t have guessed, even as recently as two years ago, that I’d be envisioning a future for my children without Roe v. Wade or other legal protections of reproductive rights.

That said, I’m stubbornly hopeful that she’ll get to determine her own path in life–including having access to safe, legal abortion if she needs it.

To help keep abortion care possible for our callers today, please join me in doing two things:

Thank you,

Liz Goodfellow
Board President
The Jane Fund

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The Jane Fund of Central Massachusetts provides financial help to anyone in crisis who cannot afford abortion care.