Did a particular experience spark your interest in reproductive rights?

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For as long as I can remember, I’ve been passionate about sexual health and reproductive rights. In college, I was the president of our on-campus sexual health and resource center, and through this, I was exposed to so many aspects of this field. Two years ago, I trained as a birth doula (a support person for pregnant people) and started realizing how much people need support for ALL pregnancy outcomes, not just birth itself. I also work as a Gynecological Teaching Associate and train medical and nursing students how to perform safe and empowering pelvic exams.

“…people need support for ALL pregnancy outcomes, not just birth itself.”

Abortion is a huge aspect of reproductive health access. As strongly as I support efforts to improve maternal and infant outcomes in America, I also support the right to choose abortion and will continue to support abortion funds for as long as folks need financial assistance to cover their care.

How’d you get involved with the Jane Fund?

I got involved with the Jane Fund just after the presidential election. I felt so small and so worried about what this would mean for reproductive health access in our country. I didn’t have the means to contribute a lot financially, but I felt that I could spare my time and energy to work for a cause that I felt so passionately about.

What do you wish people knew about abortion funds?

I think people don’t realize the impact of donating to an abortion fund versus donating to a larger organization. I absolutely think it’s important to continue donating to other organizations to make sure clinic doors remain open to provide abortion services.

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