Vision: Empower people to direct their own lives.

The Jane Fund of Central Massachusetts provides financial help to people who cannot afford abortion care. We focus on residents of Central Massachusetts, but we do occasionally collaborate with other Massachusetts funds and funds in other states.

People who receive assistance from the Jane Fund are encouraged to volunteer with and donate to the Fund when and if they are able to do so, so that others can be helped.


It was the early 1990’s in greater Worcester County. It started with a phone call. She was eighteen and pregnant. She’d been raped by a family member. She was scared and alone. Could we help?

And with the help of many people, we did.

Over time, what began as a response among friends and neighbors to one phone call has become the Jane Fund of Central Massachusetts, a 501(c)3 and member of the  National Network of Abortion Funds.

Our Board

The Jane Fund’s board is a group of dedicated volunteers and activists working to provide financial support to anyone who needs abortion care.

They lend their time and leadership to intake, fundraising, training volunteers, thanking donors, collaborating with Planned Parenthood and other abortion care providers, keeping up-to-date on reproductive rights, and maintaining relationships with activists at other abortion funds and pro-choice organizations.

Our board members, collectively, possess 119 years of experience in the area of reproductive rights, including a total of 64 years volunteering with the Jane Fund. They have spent a combined 17 years working professionally for pro-choice organizations, and have contributed 14 years of professional/volunteer work for Planned Parenthood in particular.

Beyond the Jane Fund, their roles include mother, father, grandmother, wife, husband, friend, and “dog mom.” They describe themselves as an editor and writer, a public historian, a lawyer, an actor, a business owner, an educator, and an “avid napper.” They enjoy reading, being in nature, getting creative, and helping others.