Here are the stories of some Janes
we have helped…


Jane is 35 years old and has medical complications with her pregnancy. She is covered by Medicaid, a federal program, but due to the passage of the Hyde Amendment in 1976, the coverage does not include abortion services.


Jane is 26 years old and has no job. Upon finding herself pregnant, she unknowingly went to a CPC (crisis pregnancy center) to inquire about getting an abortion. Using their usual tactics to stop women from getting abortions, the CPC put off her appointment until she was too far along to have the procedure done in MA. She needed to go to Washington D.C. for the procedure. Help came from several funds including the Jane Fund.


Jane is 14 years old. By the time Jane’s mother figured out that Jane was pregnant and took her to have an abortion, Jane was too far along for the procedure to be done in Rhode Island. In MA her needs could only be met by a private doctor in a hospital setting. The doctor’s office was actively fundraising to help Jane’s mother raise the $3,000 for the procedure. Help came from three national funds, the Eastern MA Fund and the Jane Fund.


Jane is 33 years old. She has three children who have been removed from her care. She is homeless and is staying with a family member who wants her to move out. She has no medical insurance and is pregnant due to a broken condom during prostitution. She needs and wants an abortion and a tubal ligation. After speaking with one of our hotline volunteers she said, in tears, that she had expected to be “treated mean.” She was assured that all Janes are treated with dignity, kindness and respect.